Enterprise Search Specialists
Microsearch is a trusted adviser for many organisations in the APAC region, helping to successfully roll out dozens of Enterprise Search solutions.

With Microsearch’s combination of domain knowledge, best-practice insights, agile implementation methodology, security know-how and technology expertise, we can help you implement an Enterprise Search throughout your organisation that transcends company divisions, operating systems, language-barriers and file types, while securely respecting access entitlement rights.

Our Search solution will enable your users to efficiently search, find and access unstructured, semi-structured or structured data from various distributed data sources and including external third party paid content repositories.

Our solution can also be broader than just Enterprise Search, and be easily extended to include content classification, clustering, taxonomy creation and management, information presentation, intranet integration and desktop search.

Microsearch can:

  • Help you understand, quantify and articulate the value of search and its application within your organisation.
  • Assist you with the creation of an Enterprise Search business case
  • Provide options and a roadmap for the migration from any legacy Search implementation to a cutting-edge implementation of the latest technology.
  • Help turn your business requirements into a Search solution using industry best-practices– a solution that meets or exceeds expectations and becomes an essential tool for the various departments and divisions within your organisation.

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