HP Autonomy Technology Know-How
Microsearch has extensive HP Autonomy technology know-how

Our Principal Consultants are long-standing Autonomy technology specialists and have worked for over a decade on numerous complex HP Autonomy implementation projects involving the following products:

HP Intelligent Universal Search (IUS)
IDOL Universal Search for HP TRIM
• HP ControlPoint
HP IDOL 10 Platform
• HP Teleform
• HP Data Protector
• HP Consolidated Archive

Microsearch can also provide an independent advisory service for businesses interested in adopting HP Autonomy Technology including:  

Technology Roadmaps

With over a decade of HP Autonomy experience, Microsearch has developed a structured approach to analysing your current state and future goals, in the context of your specific business environment and budget constraints, to deliver a relevant and realistic technology roadmap that will aim to minimise TCO while maximising ROI of your HP Autonomy technology. We will further customise the roadmap, for example by developing a phased adoption approach to fit in with your budget cycles, system deployment schedules and other business factors as well as by recommending new product features that would benefit your specific system.

Scoping Studies

Unsure about which HP Autonomy product or product features to use to solve your problem, or how to go about deploying your chosen HP Autonomy technology? Here at Microsearch we have helped many customers in similar situations by undertaking Scoping Studies that help you define your issues, business requirements and goals, review your information landscape and technical environment and survey your users and stakeholders to deliver a targeted Scoping Study report that you can use to help build out your implementation plans, resourcing requirements, software licensing and training needs.

Business Cases

If you are like most organisations, issues to do with staff productivity, information discovery and information management usually become urgent before you have a clear understanding or plan on how to solve them. Even when you see how HP Autonomy technology can assist, you need to construct the business case which has probably now become compelling as others in the organisation have a sense of what the solution might look like. This is where Microsearch can help. Having advised many customers in similar situations on how to best articulate the business issues and solution benefits, describe the relevant product features and devise the right messaging on ROI, we can help speed up your business case development process. Microsearch can also help you fill on all of the indicative budget requirements for licenses, support and services.
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