HP IDOL 10 Platform
IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) uses a pattern matching algorithm to extract meaning from unstructured information. It can form conceptual and contextual understanding of all content in an enterprise, analysing information from a myriad of sources. IDOL includes an extensive feature set, including security as a core part of the engine. IDOL’s distributed architecture allows it to scale up to accommodate growth in users and content. With this next-generation information retrieval platform, searching text, documents, audio, video and databases a breeze.

Microsearch brings fast, high quality, cost-effective, best-practice design, development and deployment services to your Enterprise Search implementation.

We provide end-to-end system integration, architecture, development and consultancy services, with all the reassurance of on and offsite support for Autonomy technologies.  

We can help you unleash the full power of search using our experience in:

Federated Search Models: Our consultants help you use FSM to search multiple repositories at once in real time and arrange the results from the various databases into a useful form and then present the results to the user
Intellectual Asset Protection: Our experts help design and implement an IAS layer of security on top of all your data repositories
Enterprise Class Architecture: Our architects will design the most scalable and optimal system using industry standard robust technologies within your standard operating environments.
Best Practices: We follow the methodologies or techniques that have evolved over time for solving specific problems in specific industries that have consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that are used as a benchmark.
Performance Tuning: Most systems will respond to increased load with some level of degraded performance. With our Performance Tuning experts to optimise your IDOL engine, you are assured of fast and accurate results using the hardware already commissioned.
Relevance Tuning: As data and entropy increase over time, search results can become less relevant. Our search experts employ technuques such as boosting metadata during indexing, defining and mapping field properties, and specific term “weighting” techniques, to ensure that your search results return more relevant results on every query.
Implementation of search applications and interfaces : using IDOL especially designed for tablets and smart phones such as iPhone, iPad and Android.

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