HP IDOL Universal Search (IUS)
Microsearch has successfully implemented multiple installations of HP IUS across multiple verticals. Our experienced consultants have been paramount in creating exceptional interfaces and systems and have created uniform search interfaces organisations wide that have improved process efficiency within organisations many folds.  

Our Offerings

IUS Design and Implementation – Our experts will design a uniform interface for your entire organisation, helping them maximise and leverage search to it’s fullest extent
IUS Customisation, Development and Enhancements – Our consultants can customise and enhance any system to return contextual results that are personalised to individual and segment needs.
IUS Implementation Training – Our professional trainers train your staff in all aspects of the custom implementation of IUS
IUS Support – Our industry leading support guarantees you the availability of our consultants at all times.

Post every implementation, we help your in-house team support your custom application. Our regular health checks ensure optimum use of IUS, ensuing you gain the best ROI from the application.

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