IDOL Universal Search for HP TRIM
Microsearch has implemented HP IUS Enterprise Search for customers in multiple verticals, including many Government agenciesusing HP TRIM/RM EDRMS.

Even though HP TRIM/RM comes with a cut-down version of IDOL for indexing and searching within the TRIM Data Sets, many TRIM customers have seen and wanted the benefit of using the same powerful HP Search on broader sets of organisational content and have requested Microsearch, the HP Universal Search experts, to scope, plan and implement these Enterprise Search solutions.

The benefits of a HP IUS Enterprise Search in an organisation that also uses HP TRIM/RM are many:

• The one IDOL engine / index can be used to support both the TRIM/RM repository as well as the broader organisation systems and repositories.

• HP IUS supports a wider set of IDOL functionality than the version bundled with HP TRIM/RM

• Users can still restrict searches to within TRIM/RM, however, can now search across All content to surface a merged set of search results

• HP IUS seamlessly maps and respects TRIM/RM security

• The implemented HP IUS Enterprise Search is the recognised market leader** Source: Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search

Apart from our ability to implement HP IUS using industry best-practice methodology, connect it to organisation-wide content (building custom IDOL connectors when necessary), and tune it for optimal performance and search reliability, Microsearch consultants are also highly skilled atcreating exceptional uniform search interfaces that have greatly improved process efficiency within organisations.

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