Information Governance and Management
Policy Driven Information Management
Information and Data Archiving
Data Protection

With data volumes growing exponentially and increasing demands on how to access, secure, manage, archive, dispose of and leverage this data, solutions are emerging to help organisations automate governance processes in accordance with their business, legal/compliance, and data management objectives.

Policy Driven Information Management

Most companies are finding that using traditional approaches to information governance—where policies are applied manually—are expensive, error-prone, inconsistent and time-consuming. The HP Policy-driven Information Management solution is uniquely able to help you manage your corporate information with automated processes that let your users concentrate on higher-value tasks.
  • HP ControlPoint, built on HP’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) technology, helps with your information management and compliance initiatives by making it possible to not only access all information, but also understand, classify and automatically apply governance policy to it in addition to identifying outdated and unnecessary legacy content for defensible disposition.
  • HP Process Automation allows workflows to be defined and then initiated from ControlPoint policies when more complex processing steps or review points are required for specific Policy actions.
  • Microsearch Professional Services has the depth of experience in IDOL, ControlPoint and Process Automation to support you either for the full implementation project life-cycle, or as needed for requirements analysis, installation, policy and workflow development, tuning, skills transfer and post go-live support.

Information and Data Archiving

Explosive data growth, expanding data sources, degrading application performance and increasing compliance requirements are causing organisations to think about information and data archiving in a wider context. Organisations are seeking solutions that archive a wide set of data types, are highly scalable and secure and are supplemented by advanced classification, supervision, eDiscovery, and surveillance tools.
  • HP Consolidated Archive enables comprehensive access, rich visibility and conceptual understanding across all forms of data (including files, documents, email, IM, social media, voice & video), stored within all sources to deliver an intelligent information archiving solution for information governance with advanced search and analytics, eDiscovery, risk management, and regulatory compliance.
  • HP Digital Safe enables you to benefit from the scalability, security, cost savings, and accessibility of a hosted archive, while maintaining the functionality of an on-premise archive. HP Digital Safe provides secure, private-hosted archiving, data centre security, advanced analytics and conceptual search, on-demand scalability, supervision and surveillance and eDiscovery integration.
  • HP Structured Data Manager automates application lifecycle management and structured data optimization by relocating inactive data from expensive production systems and legacy databases, while preserving data integrity and access. HP Structured Data Manager supports Performance Archiving, Application Retirement, Compliance Archiving, Test Data Management as well as eDiscovery and Enterprise Search.
  • Microsearch Professional Services can help assess your information and data archiving requirements, recommend an implementation strategy and help you rapidly realise the benefits of these HP technologies.

Data Protection

Data is rapidly evolving—growing faster, encompassing a myriad of formats and complexity, and reaching the size of Big Data. Data centre boundaries are also changing and backup windows shrinking, causing IT departments to reassess and readdress backup and recovery processes, strategies, and infrastructure looking for backup and recovery solutions that are smarter, more scalable, and easier to manage.
  • HP Data Protector software solution utilizes advanced integration with applications & infrastructure and includes operational analytics to optimise backup, improve business continuity and resiliency, and boost uptime within your IT environment. HP Data Protector’s architecture is designed to scale from small and medium businesses, to the world’s largest and most complex enterprise IT environments.
  • HP Connected Backup provides enterprise protection for desktop and laptop user data without disruption of users at work. With anywhere secure access to protected data, your mobile workforce can remain productive while reducing the cost and risk associated with compliance and eDiscovery requirements.  With patented SendOnce and EmailOptimizer deduplication technologies, the volume of your backed-up endpoint data can be reduced by as much as 85% across the enterprise.
  • HP LiveVault protects your critical application data across virtual and physical environments in the cloud or in a hybrid environment allowing you to manage long-term retention, meet legal hold requirements, and improve disaster recovery readiness in a secure cloud storage grid with 24x7 monitoring and mirrored backups. With HP LiveVault, data is encrypted at all times via 256-bit AES encryption .
  • Microsearch Professional Services can help assess your information and data protection requirements, recommend an implementation strategy and help you rapidly realise the benefits of these HP technologies.
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