Systems Integration
HP Autonomy Systems Integration
Informatica Systems Integration
Value-add Products

Microsearch has years of experience combining our expertise in third-party software products with our software development capability to provide enterprise-grade integration between many software products and systems.

HP Autonomy Systems Integration

We specialise in the integration of applications and systems to HP Information Management solutions including:
  • HP Universal Search
  • HP ControlPoint
  • HP Teleform
Our integration experience includes the following:
  • Microsoft Sharepoint to HP IDOL and HP ControlPoint
  • HP TRIM and HP Records Manager to HP IDOL and HP ControlPoint
  • IMB FileNetP8 to HP IDOL
  • Microsoft Exchange to HP IDOL and HP ControlPoint
  • IMB Lotus Notes to HP IDOL and HP ControlPoint
  • Oracle and SQL Server database to HP IDOL
  • HP iManage to HP IDOL
  • Confluence to HP IDOL
  • Customer Java and .Net application to/for HP IDOL
  • EMC Documentum to HP IDOL
  • EMC eRoom to HP IDOL
  • OpenTextLivelink to HP IDOL
  • Network Drives to HP IDOL HP ControlPoint
  • Mapped Security integration for HP IDOL
  • HP IDOL to WebSphere, WebLogic, Vignette and LifeRayPortal Technology

Informatica Systems Integration

Microsearch also specialises in the integration of applications and systems to Informatica Identity Resolution solutions including:
  • Informatica IIR
  • Informatica SSA-NAME3
  • Informatica Data Clustering Engine
  • Informatica MDM Registry Edition

Value-add Products

In addition to developing our own suite of value-added products for HP IDOL:
  • DataWorks Connector for HP IDOL
  • SAP EDMS connector for HP IDOL
  • Alchemy connector for HP IDOL
  • Lithium connector for HP IDOL
  • Search Portlets for HP IDOL
  • Search Analytics for HP IDOL
  • Custom Add-Ins for HP TeleForm - integrate HP TeleForm into your environment
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