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Bringing information together to make it work for you requires the ability to access, understand and search every type of data including the 90% of unstructured data that comes from documents, emails, videos, social media, call centres, chat, application data, and more.

Enterprise Search

A HP Enterprise Search solution provides access and understanding to virtually all of your information assets scattered across the organization. Microsearch will implement for you a robust Enterprise Search solution using HP’s Universal Search and Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) technology.

  • HP IDOL provides the single processing layer that can index, analyse and process all types of content—structured, semi-structured, or unstructured—to enable actionable, real-time analysis and maximized business intelligence.
  • HP Universal Search, using the content meaning and metadata extracted and processed by IDOL, goes far beyond simple search to provide you with automatic categorization, automatic hyperlinking, faceted navigation, audio and video search, delivering an unparalleled user experience.
  • Microsearch Professional Services brings these technologies together with decades of HP Autonomy implementation experience and supports you either for the full project life-cycle, or as needed for requirements analysis, installation, pilot use case development, custom connectors, tuning, skills transfer and post go-live support.

Organisational Knowledge Sharing

A knowledge management solution built on HP’s IDOL technology helps you to find and collaborate organisational knowledge in whatever form—team, project, or down to the individual level—by understanding people’s expertise across all information sources. Foster exchange, share expertise, connect and collaborate within the community to prevent duplication of effort and increase productivity levels.

  • HP Universal Search powered by IDOL allows you to connect to virtually all systems and form an understanding of all content and people’s profiles, automatically detect people with domain expertise based on their content activities and behaviour, and build a knowledge graph of your organization by analysing social networks and deriving people’s expertise.
  • Microsearch Professional Services can integrate your HP Knowledge Management solution either within the Universal Search portal or within your own intranet portal, providing an extremely valuable additional resource to your teams.

Content Access and Extraction

Most enterprises have a blend of databases, off-the-shelf and custom applications, content management systems, B2B channels and ways of receiving documents from external sources. This leads to a wide variety of file and document formats and data types which require technology to extract their content for analysis and processing.

  • HP KeyView is a file filtering and transformation technology that extracts text, metadata, and other relevant properties from over 1,000 file formats to make all enterprise data available for sophisticated search, analytics, and other critical business operations.
  • HP TeleForm enables you to automatically capture, classify, and extract data and images from paper and electronic documents using powerful recognition technologies to create accurate, process-ready content in real time.
  • Microsearch Professional Services can help assess your content access & extraction requirements, recommend an implementation strategy and help you rapidly realise the benefits of these HP technologies.

360-degree Information Applications

In today’s business environment, speed and access to enterprise-wide information are essential services for making good business decisions.

A 360-degree information application is a solution that finds, retrieves, provides context to and presents all of the relevant pieces of information related to any business entity, for a given business purpose or search term. In the modern enterprise, this requires the ability to analyse and understand all of an organisation’s structured and unstructured data residing in multiple repositories, on-premise or in the Cloud.

No matter what business entities your organisation deals with – clients, business partners, services, products, projects, matters, people, events - or any other business entity - and regardless of where that information is located, providing 360-degree visibility into this data from a single application has become critical to enable your knowledge workers to easily and quickly find the information they need to make good decisions and get the job done.

Most organisations already have the framework to support the delivery of such a single-view – i.e. via their Intranet. At far less cost than huge data or application integration projects, you can modernise your Intranet with a Search-driven architecture that integrates your diverse sources of information, knowledge and data via a modern, centralised, feature-rich indexing approach. Dashboards for different business entity views (for example “My Top Clients”, “My Active Projects”, “My Team’s Customer Issues”) can then be easily built into your Intranet pages via dynamic intelligent queries, and for ad-hoc information retrieval requirements, an intelligent embedded Enterprise Search provides direct links to popular content as well search query guidance and personalised search results.

  • HP IDOL is a powerful engine that connects to and indexes all types of content from all structured and unstructured information sources.
  • HP Universal Search provides a rich array of search functionality that can be used to dynamically present contextualised content in Intranet pages, as well as provide a rich search UI for personalised, guided Enterprise search.
  • Microsearch Professional Services, with its track record of successful implementations , can work with you to assess your technology readiness for a 360-degree Information Application, advise on an implementation approach, perform the deployment and provide added value with features such as the Intelligent Search Box.
If your 360-degree view requires matching and consolidation of entities across different repositories, a 360-degree Information Application can be extended with Master Data Management technology.

  • Informatica Identity Resolution (IIR) is robust and highly scalable software solution that enables organisations to search and match identity data in real-time or in batch systems delivering accurate and reliable results using a hybrid approach to matching that supports multiple countries and languages.
  • Informatica MDM Registry Edition, built on the IIR platform, brings together multiple repositories of your customer data to build a single customer view and golden record searchable by your business applications, data process flows or end-users.
  • Microsearch Professional Services has the expertise to implement both of these technologies with over 30 years of experience in all facets of the software.
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